Tumors treated by CyberKnife

Types Of Tumors Treated By CyberKnife In India

Cyberknife is a revolutionary and painless radiation treatment method that offers a non-invasive solution for treating tumors located anywhere in the body, all without the need for a single surgical incision. This advanced therapy harnesses computer-controlled robotics and state-of-the-art image guidance technology to precisely deliver radiation doses to the tumor while preserving the health of surrounding tissues.

One of Cyberknife’s standout features is its ability to simultaneously treat multiple tumors situated in various locations. This is made possible by directing high-intensity radiation beams from virtually any angle. Cyberknife represents a beacon of hope for patients grappling with lesions that were once deemed untreatable or inoperable.

Another significant advantage of this treatment is its remarkable efficiency. Unlike traditional radiation therapy, which often spans up to 8 weeks of daily treatments, Cyberknife typically achieves its therapeutic goals in just 1 to 5 sessions. This not only reduces the overall treatment duration but also offers a more patient-friendly and convenient approach to radiation therapy.

Types Of Cancers Treated By CyberKnife

Head and Neck

Patients suffering from head and neck malignancies and are not appropriate candidates for surgery or have tumors in specific areas that cannot be treated with traditional radiation as they are close to some significant structures. These all conditions can only be treated with the help of Cyberknife that delivers radiation with great surgical accuracy so as to save the essential structures (such as brain stem, eyes, optic nerves) that may be at risk.


The Cyberknife delivers high-doses of radiation that are specifically directed onto the kidney tumors. There are some patients who cannot undergo kidney cancer surgery due to some medical condition are successfully treated with the help of Cyberknife radiation system. All the treatments are performed on an outpatient basis that takes 1-5 days without any overnight hospital stay. There could be minimum or no side effects and it also provides for faster recovery.

Brain Non Tumors

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia :
  • The non-invasive and painless Cyberknife treatment is considered as an ideal option for treating trigeminal neuralgias. Trigeminal neuralgias is very painful condition that involves the trigeminal nerve. If this condition recurs then the treatments can also be repeated.
  • Arteriovenous Malformation :
  • The lesions such as AVMs that are usually located in accessible areas can be successfully treated with the help of Cyberknife. Even a single treatment session can cure these AVMs.
  • Arteriovenous Malformation :

Brain Tumors

  • Acoustic Neuroma :
  • Acoustic Neuromas can be successfully treated with the help of stereotactic radiosurgery. The success rate of the treatment is as high as 90% in the case of acoustic neuroma. The size of majority of these tumors will get stable and gradually they will also shrink.
  • Brain Metastases :
  • Cyberknife system is considered as an alternative to conventional surgery for those patients who are suffering from either single or multiple metastases.
  • Skull Base Tumors :
  • Cyberknife is a best alternative to conventional surgery for treating skull-base tumors. Some of these tumors are located close to some vascular and nerve structures that makes it difficult for a surgery to treat them. In such cases, Cyberknife treatment is planned in such a way that spares these structures.
  • Meningioma :
  • Meningiomas are locates close to significant structures that can be successfully treated with the help of help of Cyberknife system that does not involve any invasive frames.
  • Pituitary Adenoma :
  • The irradiation of healthy tissue can be minimized as Cyberknife conform the shape of the tumor. This also includes hypothalamus and optic chiasm.
  • Chordoma :
  • This brain tumor is in proximity to significant structures and it also cannot be successfully treated with the help of traditional radiation therapy. Cyberknife is considered as superior treatment option as it can accurately conform to tumor shape.
  • Primary Brain Cancers such as Oligodendroglioma, Astrocytoma, Glioblastoma Multiforme or Glioma :
  • The survival rate and also the quality of life can be improved by stereotactic radiosurgery for those patients who are suffering from cancerous brain tumors. These tumors have irregular shape and a Cyberknife can deliver a better treatment to the tumor without causing any damage to surrounding healthy tissues. This treatment may also follow the shape of these irregular shaped tumors.
  • Hemangioblastoma :
  • This tumor is located in an accessible area that can be successfully treated with the help of Cyberknife in just one treatment session.
  • Prostate
  • Patients who refuse to go through a surgery for pancreatic cancer or who are unable to undergo surgery due to their medical condition or in whom tumor cannot be removed, can opt for minimally invasive Cyberknife system treatment. This treatment is performed on an outpatient basis with no overnight hospital stay and also results in minimal to no side effects.
  • Liver
  • Cyberknife directly targets the liver tumor by delivering high doses of radiation. Cyberknife system is an ideal choice for those patients who refuse to undergo surgery or in whom tumor cannot be removed or who are unable to go through a surgery due to their medical condition. This minimally invasive treatment offers an alternative to surgery and is performed on an outpatient basis that does not require any overnight hospital stay. It results in faster recovery and minimal side effects unlike conventional surgery.
  • Lung Cancer
  • Cyberknife delivers high doses of radiation that are targeted directly onto the lung tumor. This treatment is a minimally invasive treatment that is an ideal option for those patients who want to avoid surgery or in whom lung tumor cannot be removed or who are unable to undergo surgery due to their medical condition. No overnight stay is required in this treatment as it performed on an outpatient basis and it results in faster recovery time with no or minimal side effects.
  • Spine
  • Majority of spinal tumors are metastatic meaning that they have spread to different parts of the body such as lungs, breast or prostate. Contoured radiation beams are used in Cyberknife treatment that limits the exposure to tissue surrounding the tumor site. Positive results can be obtained with the help of Cyberknife for treating spinal tumors. Cyberknife offers many benefits over conventional radiation therapy and can also be used in combination with chemotherapy or surgery.

Benefits Of CyberKnife

  • Immediate return to routine activity
  • No pain
  • No requirement of breath holding while performing treatment
  • Non-invasive
  • No rehabilitation or recovery time
  • No anesthesia is required
  • No body or head frame

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