Brachytherapy Cancer

Brachytherapy Cancer

Brachytherapy Cancer

Brachytherapy, a form of radiation therapy, is employed in the treatment of cancer. This technique involves the insertion of radioactive sources into the patient’s body to target and eradicate malignant cells, including those affecting psychological well-being. The advantage of brachytherapy lies in its ability to deliver a concentrated dose of radiation to a specific area, minimizing exposure to surrounding organs. This approach is utilized to treat various types of cancer throughout the body, including but not limited to:

1. Ocular (Eye) Cancer  2. Prostate Cancer
3. Vaginal Cancer  4. Head and Neck Cancer
5. Rectal Cancer  6. Uterine Cancer7. Skin Cancer
8. Gallbladder Cancer 9. Cervical Cancer
10. Breast Cancer 11. Lung Cancer

What Are The Types Of Brachytherapy?

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Permanent Brachytherapy

Brachytherapy employs highly resilient techniques by inserting needles containing pre-loaded radioactive seeds directly into the cancerous area. The physician will then remove the needle, leaving the seeds in place. Alternatively, a device can be utilized to insert the seeds individually at regular intervals. This procedure often utilizes medical imaging to precisely position the seeds, and the physician may perform additional imaging tests later to verify the precise placement of the seeds.

Impermanent Brachytherapy

Impermanent brachytherapy places a conveyance gadget, like a catheter, needle, or implement into the growth. Clinical imaging helps position the radiation sources. The specialist might embed the conveyance gadget into a body pit like the vagina or uterus (intracavitary). Or on the other hand, the specialist might embed an instrument (needle or catheter) into body tissues (interstitial).


How Is The Method Performed?

When you visit the doctor for the procedure, they will confirm which stage of therapy is needed and it depends on the stage of cancer, therapy might be included

Benefits Of Brachytherapy

Choosing Brachytherapy as a treatment option can offer several advantages:

1. Precise Targeting: Brachytherapy is highly effective because it positions the radiation source directly near or inside the tumor, enabling more precise targeting of cancer cells.

2. Shorter Treatment Duration: In the treatment of certain cancers, brachytherapy often requires a shorter treatment time compared to external beam radiation therapy, typically ranging from 1 to 5 days.

3. Outpatient Procedure: Brachytherapy can be performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to return home after treatment, reducing the need for extended hospital stays.

4. Swift Recovery: Recovery times vary depending on the treated site, but they are generally short. Patients can usually resume their daily activities shortly after treatment. However, some fatigue may persist for a few days, depending on the specific brachytherapy procedure.

What Are The Side Effects Of Brachytherapy?

Brachytherapy can affect your body and everyday life. It can cause impacts that begin or keep going for months or years after treatment. At times, these impacts can keep going until the end of your life.

You might hear these impacts called pelvic radiation sickness or PRD. They can include:

  • Early menopause
  • Bladder and inside issues
  • Changes to your vagina
  • Changes to your vagina
  • Changes to your sexual coexistence
  • Enlarging in your crotch or legs (lymphoedema)
  • Bone issues
  • Torment
  • Nerve harm

Brachytherapy and its procedure can affect your physical and mental health. You might be managing the impacts of different therapies, like chemoradiation, as well as proceeding to handle a cervical disease determination and all that can bring.


Why India For Brachytherapy Treatment?

There are many benefits of Brachytherapy in India. Some of them are:

  • Global licensed accomplice clinics, patient-focused approach with exceptional offices. English talking staff, offering customized and caring support at standard with any best medical clinic on the planet.
  • Broad investments have been made to guarantee that all clinical focuses are furnished with present-day offices, and universally certified hospitals in India are fit for taking care of the most recent methods and techniques. These cutting-edge offices center around what makes a difference: more viable, proficient, and wonderful answers for patients
  • With all clinical focuses furnished with current offices, clinical focuses in India can give more limited holding up time. Patients might be hospitalized upon their appearance, and assessments and stir-up tests are normally tended to speedily.
  • The Indian government has made it simpler for guests looking for well-being medicines to enter the country. With the pertinent letter from the clinical focus at which you will accept your clinical treatment, you might appreciate as long as a half year of visa expansion.

What Amount Does Brachytherapy Cost In India

The typical expense of Brachytherapy in India is around USD 2100 (INR 164099). There are a few factors that can influence the general expense of treatment, including

  • Region of the body to be dealt with
  • Age of the patient
  • Radioactive specialists utilized
  • General ailment of the patient
  • Whether any inconveniences are involves
  • Sort of emergency clinic – area and authorization

In Which Hospitals In India Where You Can Diagnose Or Get Brachytherapy?


Cancer Treatment Cost In India

Cancer treatment in India is a very cost-effective option. The top hospitals offer affordable medical care cost packages that cover several services during the treatment. The cancer treatment cost in India start approx USD 500 (INR 38,000) to USD 8000 (INR 6,11,000). The cost of cancer treatment in India may vary, but it usually ranges:
Treatment Cost
Chemotherapy USD 500–1000 Approx./ Month
Immunotherapy USD 8500
Breast cancer surgery USD 2000 – 4000
Prostate cancer treatment USD 6000 – 8000
Breast conservation surgery USD 3000 – 4000
Transarterial radioembolization or TARE USD 30,000
Transarterial chemoembolization or TACE (Trans Arterial chemoembolization) USD 7000 – 8000

The type of cancer, its stage, whether cancer has spread, and your overall health all influence treatment options. The goal of treatment is to eliminate as many malignant cells as possible while minimizing damage to neighboring healthy cells. This is made feasible by technological advancements.



After your procedure, you will be planned standard arrangements to make sure that the cancer is responding the therapy.


No, brachytherapy and chemotherapy are different. Chemotherapy is a foundational treatment, i.e., it kills cancer cells all through the body. Brachytherapy, then again, is a type of confined radiation treatment given to deal with cancer of a specific organ like the prostate organ, bosoms, uterus, and other


Brachytherapy does not usually affect a man’s level of fertility and therefore does not necessarily prevent you from having children after the procedure

No, brachytherapy does not cause you to lose your hair. Since the radiation source is put near the cancer and the radiation produced will not go all through the body, there is no risk of hair fall to patients if going through brachytherapy.

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