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Dr . Prajali Sawant


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Dr Prajali Sawant is a cosmetologist and Trichologist by profession. She completed her post-graduate diploma in clinical cosmetology and Trichology in the year 2017. She has also completed her master’s courses in facial aesthetics and is successfully practising in Mumbai for 5 years. She has learned the craft of beautifying people and she believes that the science of applying cosmetology is by treating skin and hair at the holistic levels, by using the most advanced modern therapies and machines. She has treated skin externally, but sometimes one needs to go that extra mile. Our team is also dedicated to strengthening your inner core by giving you a diet regimen which will enhance the quality of your skin.

Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr . Prajali Sawant
Primary Specialty Cosmetologist & Trichologist
Experience 5+ Years
Education & Training
Medical Education Cosmetology and Trichology
Residency Andheri West, Mumbai
Practice Areas

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